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that will bring you into wholeness and provide peace for your life, you have come to the right place. We provide a safe and confidential environment that facilitates mental, spiritual, and personal growth.
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Our Vision

Renewing Your Mind Counseling Center’s Vision is to help restore, heal, and lead adults, adolescents, children, marriages, and families to a healthy way of living!

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Our Mission

Is to bring wholeness and soundness to individuals through clinical and psychoeducation services; and to provide spiritual direction when requested. Our goal is to also address the social and emotional needs of the individuals as well as their families. RYM Counseling Center is unique in that our primary focus is Trauma-Based Treatment. Our goal is to identify and treat individuals who may have been affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

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  • My childhood traumas, negative self-talk, and unhealthy perspectives were all deeply imbedded in me. After being tired of hurting I sought out assistance to work through these issues. Mrs. Tanya became my safe person, someone who listened and didn’t judge. This was the support I needed for my healing. I did not foresee myself blossoming into the amazing person I have become, but I am grateful for the skills and tools I have learned that helped me get here. I know who I am now and the love I have for MY SELF is the best feeling.

    Love –
  • I have been going to Renewing Your Mind Counseling Center for nearly two years now, and I am so grateful for the outcomes from my sessions. Working with Mrs. Manyweathers has truly been life-changing. She actively listens and shares thoughtful insights that have transformed my outlook on life. When I started working with Mrs. Manyweathers she conducted a thorough intake to better understand my background, my goals and what I was hoping to get from our sessions. She takes a holistic approach to care that speaks to elevating my mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend Mrs. Manyweathers to others who are seeking counseling services

    Grateful –

How To Make An Appointment

Please call 410-504-6020 or send an email to info@rymsolutions.org to request services. Someone will return your call within 24 hours. Thank You For Your Interest In Renewing Your Mind Counseling Center.